Anchor Premier Sacco Society Ltd has positioned itself as a world-class Sacco that empowers its members to achieve their dreams.

The Sacco was duly registered on 10th of June 2015 and has, since then, been at the forefront to steer the vision of its members in accessing affordable and reliable credit facilities.

As a financial institution, the Sacco offers different types of loan products: Chama loan, Emergency loan, Shamba loan, Top up loan, Super loan, Development loan and Car/Motorbike loan. All these products are tailor-made to provide an avenue for the financial needs and growth of all the members.

One can’t help but acknowledge Anchor Premier Sacco’s impacts on its members. Elizabeth Muthoni, a supplier of vegetables in Nairobi, narrates to Sacco Times Magazine how the Sacco has transformed both her life and business.

Elizabeth supplies groceries at Korogocho market in Nairobi, mainly kales and spinach. In her business, she had faced several challenges before joining the Sacco in 2016. Lack of a means of transport, her major business challenge, hindered her from transporting farm produce to the market.

However, in 2016, her friend, who is also a member of Anchor Premier Sacco, referred her to the Sacco for financial assistance. The same year in May, she made a very noble decision of joining the Sacco and hoped that she would be able to acquire a loan to purchase a vehicle for her business.

Experience at Anchor Premier Sacco

Elizabeth recounts how she was well received by Anchor Premier Sacco and constantly encouraged afterwards to save. She began saving as little as Kshs 1,000 every month before increasing the amount to Kshs 5,000. Eventually, she could save up to 15,000 every month.

“It was only after a while that I realized I had Kshs 700,000 in my savings account. It was like a miracle,” she narrates.

She describes how she had approached the Sacco for a vehicle loan in September 2016. “When I requested for a loan to purchase a vehicle for my business, I was asked to visit the society’s office with all the details of the motor vehicle of my choice. I did that and after validation, the sacco paid in full, the total amount required to purchase it. On that very day, I took the vehicle home,” she says.

It was great joy for Elizabeth that within the same year, she had managed to get a vehicle loan of Ksh 2.1 million. She points out that the process was very easy and within the same day of presenting the vehicle she desired, she was able to get the loan.

The Transformation and Success

Anchor Premier Sacco has transformed the lives of its members by making their dreams come true. Immediately after Elizabeth had purchased a pickup, she found ease transporting her produce from the farm to the market and eventually realized substantial growth in her business.

Later on, she also managed to get another loan to invest in the business. She invested in farming by leasing land in Kinale, Kiambu county. She has been able to expand her business, educate her children and also buy a plot just through the Sacco loan.

She now celebrates the success of her business with the help of Anchor Premier Sacco and plans to acquire a lorry to reduce the number of trips her pickup makes to the farm and the market. Moreover, she now has many customers and hopes to serve them all.

Why Join Anchor Premier Sacco?

Elizabeth is just one among many Anchor Premier Sacco members who have benefited from the sacco’s products and services. The best thing about the Sacco is that unlike other financial institutions, there are no delays in getting a loan. The Sacco has streamlined its loan process for the members to easily access the services on the same day upon application.

“You cannot make it without support. You need others to succeed,” she advices. Elizabeth can now access a loan of up to Kshs 3 million.

She advocates for other business owners not only to join any other Sacco, but Anchor Premier Sacco, which is one of the best cooperatives in the country.

Anchor Premier Sacco has branches across the country and everyone is encouraged to join since it is fruitful, especially when one needs a line of credit. Most importantly, one will enjoy privileges such as access to some of the lowest interest rates compared to other lending institutions.

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