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About us

Anchor Premier SACCO focus is on financial needs and growth for all our members with the savings, loans and services you need for every step of your life. We stands tall as the beacon of opportunity, welcoming individuals from all walks of life. Whether you’re a devoted professional, a budding entrepreneur, a chama member, or a dynamic corporate entity, this SACCO opens its doors wide, offering a nurturing space for all.

We understand the power of your aspirations, and we’re here to fuel them. Through our comprehensive range of savings, loans, and services, we walk hand in hand with you through every stage of your journey, empowering you to turn your dreams into tangible realities.

Saving Culture


Savings with us provide a solid financial foundation, ensuring you have a safety net for unexpected expenses and emergencies. You can face life’s uncertainties with confidence, knowing you’re prepared.

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Presenting savings Plan & Services

We offer attractive interest rates and dividends on your savings, helping your money grow faster and work harder for you. Your savings with us are an investment in your future.


Fair interest Rates.

As a member, you have access to our range of loan products with competitive interest rates. Your savings can serve as collateral, making it easier to secure the financing you need for important life goals.

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Presenting Banking Plan & Services

Anchor Premier Sacco offers a range of credit facilities designed with your success in mind. Whether it’s for a new home, a business venture, education, or any other goal, our credit facilities come with competitive interest rates, flexible terms, and a hassle-free application process. Don’t let financial barriers hold you back.

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At Anchor Premier Sacco, we’re more than just a financial institution; we’re a vibrant community where you belong, grow, and thrive. When you become a part of our family, you gain access to a supportive network that cares about your financial success. Your dreams are our mission, and together, we’ll build a brighter future.

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Presenting Banking Plan & Services

Earning dividends is a way to grow your savings over time, and it’s particularly beneficial for long-term financial goals. The dividends you earn can be reinvested to accelerate the growth of your savings or used as a source of passive income, depending on your financial objectives.


Financial Empowerment

Joining Anchor Premier Sacco isn’t just about saving; it’s about securing your financial future, achieving your dreams, and becoming part of a community that cares about your success. We’re here to help you anchor your aspirations and sail towards financial prosperity.

Discover the Anchor Premier Sacco difference today and embark on a journey of financial empowerment and success!


Where you Belong

Become a Member

Any Kenyan citizen is eligible to join Anchor Premier Sacco regardless of his or her area of residence.

Diaspora Services

We promote investment opportunities and savings among Kenyans residing in foreign countries, such as and not limited to USA, UAE, Australia, Germany, Sweden, and UK

Payment: M-pesa Pay-bill

Deposit your savings using our Pay-bill number 563038. Where the account number is your I.D number/Member number. Payment of loans is also made using the same pay bill number or through the bank.

Our Loan Products

We're Provide Best Facility For
Personal Growth.

1. Development loan

Anchor Premier SACCO provides the financial boost you need to turn your vision into a thriving reality.

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Requirements To Become a Member

  1. Applicant’s ID /Passport copy
  2. Applicants Size photo
  3. Applicants’ KRA/PIN certificate
  4. Copy of next of Kin ID/Passport/Birth Certificate in case of a minor.
  5. Next of Kin’s passport-size photo
  6. 2000 Registration fee
  7. Kshs 10,000 share capital (we accept partial payments)

Joining Anchor Premier SACCO opens up a world of possibilities for individuals and communities. The advantages it offers, including financial inclusion, competitive interest rates, tailored products, and financial education, empower members to take control of their financial future.

What We Offer For You

We offer a best Solutions for the business.

  • Solutions for small business and big companies
  • Take our loans and pay for your needs
  • Get special loans for more needs
  • A sacco for Members by Members


Years of advisory experience

300 +

Loans book

650 +

Success Projects

9000 +


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